News and Promotions | Pacific Northwest Gifts

  • The Baltic Amber Collection

    The Baltic Amber Collection. Make a powerful fashion statement with our new collection of Baltic Amber Jewelry in .925 sterling silver and gem quality baltic amber.
  • The Signs of Autumn - Shop The Holiday Collection!

    We know it's coming - the signs of Autumn. It's that time of year when beautiful colors abound and the leaves are radiant in rich, bold hues.

  • Shea Butter Enriched Soaps - The Artist's Collection - Made in France

    Imagine a spa-like feel right in your own home when you pamper yourself with these lovely European Soaps from The Artist's Collection.

  • Colorful Infinity Shawls with Expressions of Life and Nature

    Express yourself with these colorful and resplendent infinity shawls featuring original artwork by indigenous artists.

  • Messenger Bag in 100% Wool Felt with Leather Whale Design

    Messenger Bag in 100% Wool Felt with Leather Whale Design. 100% designed and made in Canada.
  • Zen Jewelry - Find your Moment

    Zen Jewelry - Find your Moment with selections from The Zen Collection.
  • Going Coastal with the Coast Collection

    Do you dream of quaint coastal cities, long sandy and rocky shores, plus sweeping views of the ocean? If so, our Coast Collection will help you bring this look and feel into your home.
  • Salish Sunset Accessories designed by Simone Diamond, Coast Salish

    Salish Sunset is a design by Simone Diamond, a Coast Salish artist.

  • Chiffon Scarves with Vibrant Indigenous Designs

    Chiffon Scarves with Vibrant Indigenous Designs showcase nature-inspired designs interpreted by indigenous First Nations artists.
  • Fine Pewter Jewelry Celebrating Nature by Lovell Designs

    Fine Pewter Jewelry celebrating nature by Lovell Designs features simplistic, yet elegant designs of the nature surrounding us.
  • Sena Georgette Kaftans will make you feel like royalty!

    Perfect for the spring-summer season. Sena Georgette Kaftans are light-weight, loose-fitting and will make you feel like royalty.

  • Monet Inspired Soft and Colorful Impressionistic Scarves

    With a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, these 40"x 70" scarves will drape and wrap you in a fusion of soft color and design.