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Push Notifications and about that Bell

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Push Notifications have been a great way for people to receive notifications on their desktop or mobile device. Many websites offer them and you will often see something like "XYZ Company would like to send you notifciations" on your browser bar at the top.

We offer push notifications, too. You may have already enrolled. If so, you may begin noticing a bell on the left of your screen when you are looking at one of our products. It looks like this:

Push Notification Icon Bell

What does the bell do? It can do a number of things for you. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Automatically notify you if you have items in your cart so you can complete your purchase
  • Automatically notify you when your order ships
  • Notify you if an item you want is back in stock
  • Notify you if the price of an item you are watching drops in price

While the first two options are automatic, you can decide about the other two. Just click on the bell!