T-Shirts with Indigenous Designs to update your casual style!

If you’re shopping for some new tees, check out these t-shirts that are casual and comfortable with stylish Indigenous Designs.

Each of these beautiful designs highlights culturally significant symbols interpreted by First Nations Artists of Canada and other Indigenous Artists of North America.

Starting at $24.95, you’ll love the price tag as well!

Designs that are rich in symbolism

Native symbols are a key part of the culture of the Indigenous peoples of North America. The animals, spirits and supernatural beings all represent important traits, values and personalities.



The designs in this range of unisex t-shirts feature many important symbols from indigenous art. They include the Bear, Eagle, Raven and Salmon.

For example, the Bear is thoughtful and independent with a strong mind. In indigenous art, the symbol of the bear signifies strength, courage and good health.

The Thunderbird symbol in the Norval Morriseau design above is a mythical creature that dominates all natural activity. It can transform into human form by removing its feathers like a blanket, and opening its head like a mask. This important symbol represents power, protection, and strength.

Each of the designs in this range of t-shirts showcases the artist’s interpretation of these significant cultural symbols, and their relationship to man and to the earth.

Designs to suit your style

If you love bold colors, then take a look at the vibrant style of ‘Man Changing into Thunderbird’. This design is by the 20th Century Ojibwa artist Norval Morrisseau, considered to be the ‘grandfather’ of native art in Canada

Morrisseau was the first First Nations artist to have a solo exhibit in the National Gallery of Canada. This gallery now houses a permanent collection of his art. Morrisseau has been called the ‘Picasso of the North’ and his work has also been shown in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

If you prefer subtler colors, the Raven T-Shirt by contemporary artist Simone Diamond is striking and dramatic. Simone is a self-taught artist from British Columbia who works in the Coast Salish style.

Coast Salish territory covers the British Columbia and Washington State coastal area. The peoples from this area have many different languages and cultural characteristics. Simone says of her art: “It connects me to my family, our traditions and our spirit of continuity."

High quality clothing you’ll love to wear

But these unisex t-shirts don’t just look good, they are also great quality and starting at $24.95, they’re a great value too.

The sizes range from Small to XXLarge, and the shirts are made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton or cotton-rich blends. And of course, they're machine washable to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

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So check out the range of T-shirts with Indigenous Designs today - we’re sure you’re going to love wearing them!