All about our PUSH Notifications

What the heck are PUSH Notifications?

Well, unlike email, you don't have to have your email program open to receive a notice. They appear in the bottom right corner of your desktop screen or on your mobile device. 

How do I sign up?

To sign up, you must accept notifications from us. This is typically done when you first visit our website. If you block these notifications, you will not receive PUSH notifications. (If you want to activate them after previously blocking them, see below.)

How are they used?

We use PUSH notifications with your permission to provide store news and promotions. We also use them to accomplish a couple of other things like:

  • Remind you if you left something in your cart
  • Notify you when your order has shipped

You can use them to:

  • Let you know when an item is back in stock
  • Notify you of a price drop

Once you are signed up for notifications, then you can simply click on the bell icon Push Notification Bell that appears on the left of the product page. If an item is out of stock, you can get a notification when it is back in stock. If the product is in stock, you can get a notification when the price drops.

How do I activate them if I previously blocked them?

If you previously blocked them, but now want to allow them, click on the padlock icon on your browser address bar and then click allow notifications.

How do I block them if I previously accepted them?

If you no longer want to receive them, then click on the padlock icon and select block notifcations. Or, you might see a Notification Preferences button on your screen. If so, you can unsubscribe using that button.


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