Shipping Information for Pacific Northwest Gifts

What's not included in your shipping charges

Please note that customs duties, taxes, fees, or any other charges your country levies on the import of products ARE NOT INCLUDED in the shipping charge. These must be paid when you receive your package. For an estimate of what you will pay, you can use the SimplyDuty calculator at this link. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these estimates.

Where we ship

We currently ship to the following countries (in alphabetical order). Please note that each country may have certain shipping restrictions. You can read more about these restrictions by clicking on the country name. Countries that are part of the European Union are designated (EU).

Australian Flag Australia

Canadian Flag Canada

 France (EU)

German Flag Germany (EU)

Netherlands Flag Netherlands (EU)

New Zealand Flag New Zealand 

Swiss Flag Switzerland

United Kingdom United Kingdom (EU)

United States Flag United States

Note: Some countries may impose restrictions or require parcels to be shipped by USPS Priority Mail International for parcels to be accepted. We will notify you if that is the case.

How shipping charges are determined

Shipping charges are based on the weight of your item(s) and the shipping service you select. Rates are provided by the United States Postal Service ("USPS") or United Parcel Service ("UPS") depending on which carrier's service you select.* You can determine your shipping charges by adding an item or items to your cart and selecting your country, state or province, and zip code or postal code. Not all shipping services provided by the USPS have a guaranteed delivery time. Shipping times provided by us during your checkout process are estimates only.

Compare USPS Domestic Shipping Services (link to USPS)

Compare USPS International Shipping Services (link to USPS)

You should also consider our handling time when placing your order which is typically 1-2 business days. 

When we ship

We ship orders Monday through Friday and typically ship 1-2 business days after you place your order. If an order arrives early on a business day or the evening before, it may go out sooner, e.g., same day shipping. However, you should factor in our processing time when calculating an estimated delivery for your package.

This is a helpful formula to consider when ordering: Processing Time + Shipping Time + Customs Delays (for International Shipments) + Weather Delays + Seasonal Delays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.) = Total Shipping Time.

Of course, many of these delays are beyond our control, but you should consider them when ordering anything of a time-sensitive nature such as gifts.

When we won't ship

We reserve the right to not ship to any person and/or address that is suspicious based on fraud detection measures we have in place. In the event we do not ship, your order will be cancelled and any charge authorizations will be voided. Your credit card will not be charged.

If you have any questions about the shipping charges, please email us at


*We reserve the right to change carriers depending on current or anticipated delivery conditions provided by the carrier, e.g., worker strikes, COVID-19 related delays, etc. You will not be charged any price differences should the cost be higher.