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Alaska FisherMan Soap by Denali Dreams Soap Company


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Alaska FisherMan Soap by Denali Dreams Soap Company. Fish on...clean up hook, line and sinker!

Hook on to this clean fresh soap. Alaska FisherMan Soap is specially blended to get icky fishy stink off of hands or any other body parts that may have gotten slimed while you were reeling in your catch of the day.

Fresh ground coffee neutralizes bait smell, while the essence of lemon leaves you smelling clean and fresh. This soap makes a great gift for men (or women) - for birthdays, Christmas and just because.

Handmade in Alaska, USA.

Ingredients: Soap, fresh ground coffee, and essential oils of lemon and lemongrass. As with any soap, please read the ingredients before using. Skin spot tests are always recommended if you have sensitive skin.