Blue Heron .925 Sterling Silver Earrings from Metal Arts Group
Blue Heron .925 Sterling Silver Earrings from Metal Arts Group - Social Media Image

Blue Heron .925 Sterling Silver Earrings from Metal Arts Group

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Blue Heron .925 Sterling Silver Earrings from Metal Arts Group and designed by Odin Lonning. Known as the Sacred Waterbird, the Blue Heron teaches lessons of self-reflection. It reminds us to accept all of our feelings and opinions, without denying the emotions and thoughts that go with them.

The earrings measure approximately 1 1/2 inches long (as measured from the top of the sterling silver ear wires) by 1 inch wide (approximately 3.81 cm x 2.54 cm). Designed and made in the USA. Gift boxed.

Odin Lonning (Tlingit name Sh’now Taan) is an award-winning, professional Native artist and heritage specialist from Juneau, Alaska. He is Woosh Ke Taan (Eagle/Shark) Clan through his Tlingit mother, and he shares the name of his Norwegian father. At age ten, Odin saw his first traditional dance performance. This motivated him to explore Tlingit art. Local native artists such as Lincoln and Amos Wallace, Johnny Avatok, and Nathan Jackson inspired him, along with the culture centers and museums in Ketchikan, Haines, and Sitka.

In 1989 Odin attended the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While in Santa Fe, he collaborated with another artist to form Wolfsong Arts. They exhibited in larger powwows, juried invitationals, and museum shows throughout the West and Midwest. Seeking a deeper understanding of the culture essential to his artwork, Odin started dancing and learning traditional songs. He first danced with the Juneau Tlingit Dancers in 1992, and later with Seattle-based Ku-Tee-Ya Dancers. He currently dances with the Xudzidaa Kwaan dance group of Angoon, Alaska.

Odin works in traditional and contemporary media including carved wooden boxes, bowls, wall panels, masks, paddles, and totems. He also paints drums and originals, does graphic design for jewelry and furniture as well as creates etched glass and copper pieces. Odin lives on Vashon Island near Seattle, where he works on multiple projects and private commissions. He also does cultural presentations like Keet Shu-ka with his wife for nonprofit groups, museums, schools, galleries, and treatment centers.