Frog Trivet made from Recycled Glass
Frog Trivet made from Recycled Glass - Social Media Image

Frog Trivet made from Recycled Glass

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Frog Trivet made from Recycled Glass and heat resistant to 340 degrees Fahrenheit / 170 degrees Celsius. This trivet can withstand the heat of a boiling stock pot and will maintain its beauty over many years. The back of the trivet has been drilled to allow for easy hanging to adorn a wall and has protective feet on the back to prevent it from scratching fine surfaces.

Frog is a pleasant, affable, friendly creature and is one of the many important animals to the Northwest Coast people. The figure of the frog is representative of good fortune and a symbol of magic, as it is said that there is always magic around when a frog is present. The frog is known as a positive spirit driver and thus is often associated with good luck, spiritual and therapeutic cleansing.

Rosewood color. Approximately 6 3/4 inches tall by 6 7/8 inches wide. Designed and made in Canada.